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Orders from all over the world is available, just email me for more info.

[V.E.G.A.] "Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram" twisted alien black Meta. A3 super jewel box format - RM50
ACARUS SARCOPT "The First Day With No Sun" interesting French black, 2 CD for the price of one - RM40
ALDAARON "Nous Reviendrons Immortels" great French black Metal - RM30
ALGHAZANTH "Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity" cold, melodic Finnish black Metal. On the kult WOODCUT Recs. - RMcontact/offer/trade
ALIENATION COLD "Nothing, Nobody, Never..." intimate black Metal, slipcase digipack - RM30
ANATOMIA "Decaying in Obscurity" great Japanese death - RM40
ANCIENT CEREMONY "Under Moonlight We Kiss" symphonic black Metal, Cacophonous Recs, 1997 - RM50
ANGMAR "Cenoptaphe (Lost Tracks)" for fans of BATHORY epic era - RM30
ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition" MCD - death Metal, brutal, dark, evolving. Specially packaged with elastic cloth-sleeve. - RM20
ANNTHENNATH "Bridges to Nothingness" piercing black Metal - RM30
ANTEDILUVIAN "Logos" suffocate in the darkness forever. Hail. - RM40
APOLION "Death Grows Into Sperm" great Italian black Metal - RM40
ARADIA "Draconis' Eulogy" criminally overlooked occult black masterpiece. With glossy poster and sticker - RM23
"ASTRAL MANTRAS OF DYSLEXIA" FUNERAL IN HEAVEN and PLECTO ALIQUEM CAPITE split album, black Metal ritual and substance abuse! Digipack - RM40
AT THE GATES "Purgatory Unleashed - Live in Wacken" great live album - RM40
AVATAR "Memoriam Draconis" absolutely out of press 1996 Woodnymph/Shiver Recs. release. Melodic black Metal. - RM50
BATTLESTORM "Demonic Incursion" Asiatic bestial Metal - RM40
BLACK ANGEL "Beyond From Beyond" kult Peruvian black - RM35
BLASPHEMOPHAGER "The III Command of Absolute Chaos" cruelest bestial Italian - RM40
BLOODLINE "Hate Procession" worthy addition to the like of MYSTICUM, DIABOLICUM. RM50
CENOTAPH "Voluptuously Puked Genitals" 1st and 2nd album on 1 CD. The best Turkish brutal technical death! - RM40
CHARNIER "Humanicide" great punishing French death Metal - RM30
CONVENT "The Truth Revealed" great old-school death - RM40
CRYPTOPSY "Whisper Supremacy" - RM50
CULTES DES GHOULES "Angel Of Poison And Death" digi - RMcontact/offer/trade
DAGON "They Who Abideth Amidst The Poison" one of the strongest US black Metal hordes these days - RM40
DARKTHRONE "Soulside Journey" - first press - RMcontact/offer/trade
DEAD WORLD "The Machine" Industrial Metal classic. - RM30
DECREPITAPH "Conjuring Chaos" latest assault of death Metal the ancient way - RM30
DEEP VEIN / HYPOKRAS "Ancestral Death Metal Terror" old school death Metal split - RM30
DEICIDE "Scars of the Crucifix" CD/DVD slipcase edition.- RM50
DEICIDE "Till Death Do Us Part" most brutal DEICIDE. Slipcase with patch. RM50
DEMONOMANCY "Rites of Barbaric Demons" devotees of pure bestial black death - RM30
DER GERWELT / NARGOTHROND "Split CD" Russian black Metal split - RM30
DESOLATE HEAVEN "Ockbephehue" Krywia true black Metal - RM40
DIABLERIE "Serapyhde" ltd ed. digi, perfekt mix of black, industrial, death! - RM30
DIMENTIANON "Collapse The Void" captivating US black Metal - RM30
DISGORGE "Chronic Corpora Infest" fukkin' gore masterpiece with cover sicker than your kotak rokok! - RM50
DYING EMBRACE "Era of Tribulation" Asiatic doom death exotica - RM30
ELDEREON "Blood Of The Dying" dark death Metal finely done - RM30
FEAR FACTORY "Hatefiles" unreleased tracks album - RM20
G.O.D.A "Pure Hate & Anger" digipak - fine Malaysian death Metal - RM22
HORNA "Askel Iahempana Saatanaa" legends. RM50
HYPOCRISY "Penetralia" NUCLEAR BLAST digipak edition - RM80
ILL OMEN "Compendium Maleficarum" the 3 excellent demos in one elegant digifile package - RM50
IMMOLATION "Stepping On Angels... Before Dawn" - RMcontact/offer/trade
IMPERIAL "Transcendental Salvation" finally a full length, a mastercraft - RM25
IMPIETY "Asateerul Awaleen" first press digipak, mint and unplayed copy - RMcontact/offer/trade
INCANTATION "The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish" Repulse Recs. version - RMcontact/offer/trade
INHUME "Decomposing From Inside" the hard to find debut, great deathgrind album! - RM60
ISTIDRAJ "Blasphemised Perversion" potent blakk Metal, digipak MCD - RM25
KERASPHORUS "Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn" killer bestial death - RM40
KHNUTH "За Порогом Видений" great raw, grim black Metal by an ex-convict - RM30
KLOOTZAK "Bloodlust" - catchy underground heavy Metal - RM30
KOZELJNIK "Deeper The Fall" interesting Serbian black - RM30
LAVATORY "Transgression" old school Swedish death - RM20
LINDISFARNE "Dysangelium" fast black Metal, digibook - RM30
MALIGNANT INCEPTION "Black Death" technical, varied US death - RM30
MANIAC BUTCHER "Masakr" true Czech black, forever - RM30
MARTIRE "Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse" bestial death Metal - RM40
MASACRE "Cancer de Nuestros Dias" demos of this cult Colombian death - RM40
MASACRE "Metal Medallo Attack" cult Colombian death - RM40
MITHOTYN "In The Sign Of The Raven" cult viking black Metal, used condition - RM40
MOLOCH "Sterben unter der Blasse der Unvermeidlichkeit" depressive black - RM30
MUNICIPAL WASTE "Massive Aggressive" thrash Metal revivalists - RM40
MURKRAT "s/t" great female fronted Aussie doom funeral Metal - RM40
MURKRAT "Drudging The Mire" second album, great doom funeral Metal - RM40
MYSTAGOG "... Of Old" primitive, minimalistik, nekro black Metal - RM30
NECROBUTCHER "Schizophrenic Noisy Torment" old Brazilian cult. RM40
NECROMICON "Sightveiler" A5 digipak format with 24-pages booklet. Symphonic black. Used condition - RM20
NECROS CHRISTOS "Grave Damnation" - RMcontact/offer/trade
NOCRA "The Haunting" eerie, haunting black Metal - RM30
NOCTURNAL BLOOD "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration" morbid death Metal madness - RM40
NOT LAST RISE "Sfumato" atmospheric black Metal, 3-panel digipack - RM30
NUCLEAR WAR NOW! FEST VOL 1 NWN! killer comp. - RM40
OBTRUNCATION "The Callous Concept" Holland's death Metal vets on the now defunct Damnation Recs. Fukkin' rare. - RM60
PATHOGEN "Miscreant of Bloodlusting Aberrations" Philippines ancient death Metal - RM40
PENTACLE "...Rides The Moonstorm" the first press edition on Damnation Recs. - RMcontact/offer/trade
QUINTESSENCE "Le Borreau De Tiffauges" french black Metal - RM30
QRUJHUK "Triumph of the Glorious Blasphemy" South Korean black Metal - RM30
SABAOTH "Sabaoth" classic 1995 album, probably the best Paraguayan black Metal album - RM50
SABBAT "Live In San Franciscoslaught" for diehard SABBAT fans - RM40
SANGUINEOUS "Extinguish The Dying Light Of Serenity" vicious, unrelenting, dark Australian death - RM20
SHAMANIC RITES "Infiltrate Mutilate Carnage Instigate" blistering black death chaos - RM20
SHAMANIC RITES "Savage Rampage of Conquest" crushing second album! - RM20
SS-18 "Tetraktis" great Russian black. 3-panel deluxe digifile - RM40
SUFFOCATION "Human Waste" 2005 pressing - RM60
SYLBILASSYS "The Gate Of Hell" digipak darker, blacke version of G.O.D.A - RM18
THE HAMMER OF ANTICHRISTIAN DETONATION Detonator666 / Hammergoat / Tundra split, great black Metal split - RM30
THOU ART LORD "The Regal Pulse of Lucifer" Greek black Metal aristocrats. RM40
TORMENTING LEGENDS II great black Metal compilation, digipack. RM50
TRIBUTE TO SILENT DEATH tribute comp, with poster and thick booklet - RM25
TROU NOIR "Echoes in Black Holes" cosmic black Metal - RM30
TZUN TZU "Kunoichi" highly personalized Aussie death Metal. With video - RM30
UNFIT ASS. "Absurd Reality / Flagging Waters" early death Metal from Hungary - RM30
UNHOLY CRUCIFIX "Ordo Servorum Satanae" Norwegian's VON worship. RM40
VADER "The Ultimate Incantation" - RM60
VINTERKRIG "Ashes of Non-Existence" primitive Russian black, digipack - RM30
VISITANT "The Sword Without Eyes" one of the most punishing Malaysian release you will ever hear for quite some time. Support! - RM15
WANDERER "Bypassing The Abyss" great black Metal, lush digipak - RM40
WARGOATCULT / CHAINSAW CARNAGE "War & Carnage" split, bestial! - RM30
WELTBRAND "Radiance of a Thousand Suns" great black Metal from half of the once so majestic ORDO DRACONIS - RM40
WITCHCRAFT "Hegyek Felletem" great Hungarian black - RM30
XENOMORPH "Baneful Stealth Desire" crushing death Metal with irregular ideas from one of Dutch's experienced bands - RM40

Incomplete CD (booklet and CD only, no traycard):
AETERNUS "Ascension of Terror" another fine slab from the one and only glorious Aeternus - RM20
DEVOLVED "Technologies" mechanized tech-death Metal, pure heavy shit - RM20
ESTUARY OF CALAMITY "The Sentencing" melodic yet intense death - RM20
SHADOW SEASON "The Frozen" Norwegian black Metal - RM20
VOMITORY "Redemption" one of the finest examples of true death Metal - RM20

ANGUISH "Mass Dismemberment" CDr remains of old stock. Get this sick Malaysian death Metal release for your collection if you still haven't. Pro-done cover - RM5
BLASPHERERION "Apocal Ur-Chaos" black and death chaos - RM15
INCAPACITATE "Regain The Territory" blistering thrash assault - RM10
JAHILIYYAH "Aiyamme Jahiliyyah" ritualistik death - RM10
JANE DARK "Voices From The Deep" intricate death Metal - RM15
MARAS / XERION black Metal split - RM15
OMINOUS RESURRECTION "s/t" cryptic black Metal, special packaging - RM25
SATANIC VERSES / MESSERSHMIT "Split Way of Life" double venom of Turkish blackness - RM10
TASYIM "Descendant Ritual" this time with 8 bonus tracks, pure Malay occult death Metal - RM10
TRAUMA "Extinction Of Mankind" cdr version of Indonesia's prominent death Metal band - RM10
TRAUMA / CALLIGERY "split" Indonesia and Czech Republic death Metal split - RM10
VICTIM YIELD/ DAGGERSPAWN "United By  Hate" split death Metal - RM15

Cassette Tape:
ABSYDE "Hate & Blasphemy" Brazilian black Metal - RM15
AD ARMA "Stalingrad" primitive war black Metal art - RM15
AFFLICTION "Eyes Of Horror" doom death, 1990 demo - RM20
ALCHEMYST "Nekromanteion" okkult death Metal - RM20
ANGIST "Circle of Suffering" precise dark and dense Iceland death Metal, first 56 copies with special package and full color silver stickers (NARROW006)- RM15
ANGUISH "Hung Rotten" the 'lost' demo finally unleashed. Pro-cassette release. Pure brutal death rawness. - RM10
ANTEDILUVIAN "Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism" second demo - RMcontact/offer/trade
APOLION "Death Grows Into Sperm" highly potent black fukking Metal - RM20
AVULSED "Ritual Zombi" 6th album of this legendary Spain death Metal act, the best so far. Limited to 100, first 50 with art-print of the massive album artwork by Juanjo Castellano (NARROW011) - RM15
BLODFEST "Den Flyr Ej Ilden..." grim Danish black Metal - RM15
BODE PRETO "Dark Night" continuing the great Brazilian black death thrash tradition. Limited to 66 copies, first 33 will come with printed cd-r copy of the tape and sticker (NARROW008) - RM10
CANTUS INFAME "Maldicao" fast black Metal - RM15
CARRASCO "Aurora del Sortilegio" south American thrash - RM15
CONDOR "Facing The First Winter" ott old thrash Metal - RM10
CONDOR "Speedwagon" Norwegian old thrash Metal, special package with stickers (NARROW005)- RM20
CULTES DES GHOULES "Haxan" deluxe tape format with tape-sized booklet - RMcontact/offer/trade
DARK MORDOR "Agonia" 1994 gem of Slovaks' speed thrash Metal - RM20
DHWESHA "Yuddhabhumi" low tuned death Metal mantras - RM15
EINDIG "Doodschrift" depressive, heartfelt black - RM15
EVILWINGED "Avatars Of Satan" another great Russian black Metal onslaught - RM15
GOATLORD "Sodomize The Goat" kult 1988 demo in superior tape format - RMcontact/offer/trade
GRADUS PENTALPHAE "Evil Pure Essence" cruel melodic black Metal - RM15
GREAT VAST FOREST "Blood of Wolves" pagan black Metal - RM15
INCAPACITATE "March To The Death" blistering, furious thrash assalut - RM15
INFEST "Onward To Destroy" latest album from the Slavonic thrash force! KILLER. Full color pro-done cover - RM10
INTEMPERATOR "Howls of the Intemperate" deathly black Metal - RM20
IRON KOBRA "Dungeon Masters" diehard version with buttons, stickers, poster - RM30
KETZER "Endzeit Metropolis" black thrash supreme - RM20
LANGSUIR "Occultus Mysticism" legendary '93 demo rare pro-press on EGP, 20 years old tape! - RM30
LASTER "Wijsgeer & Narreman" great atmospheric black Metal - RM15
MALICIOUS "Mental Illness" Finnish death Metal - RM20
MALKUTH "Glory & Victory" early 90's black Metal act! - RM15
MISANTHROPIC ART "Dream Of The Dead" depressive black melancholia - RM15
MORBID "The Unholy Demons" good sounding bootleg tape of MORBID demos - RM10
MURK "Drifting Mine" punishing black thrash punk cacophony - RM20
NECROS CHRISTOS "Black Mass Desecration" necromantic death doom excellency - RMcontact/offer/trade
NEKROMANTEION "Spirit of Darkness" insane occult black death Metal - RM20
NEKROMANTHEON "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" all conquering nekro thrash Metal, with buttons (NARROW002) - RM20
NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Cursed Relics" underground death Metal kult - RM10
OCULARIS INFERNUM "Infested By Infernal Plague" raw black Metal - RM15
PAGANFIRE / MODER split - raw thrash vs old school death split - RM15
PARHELIA "Shifting Sands" dark post-rock - RM20
PATRIA "Faithless" early 90's influenced black Metal, limited 111 copies with special packaging and woven patch (NARROW007)- RM20
RAS ALGETHI "Oblita Divinitas" Italian bootleg - RM20
SAATTOVAKI "Cryptborn Creation" in the vein of old Finnish death with deathgrind - RM15
SEPULCHRAL CRIES "A Sombre Soul" Danish primitive, melancholic raw black - RM15
SUCCUBUS "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" great old death Metal demo - RM15
SVARTHAT "Hellheimsk Dager" ILDJARN-honouring black Metal - RM15
SWALLOWED "Epitaph of Nauseation" Finnish death doom - RM20
TEMNOHOR "Pyscha Iesov Karpatskych" great Slovakian black - RM15
THE WRATH "March to Celestial Battle" raw south American black - RM15
TWILIGHT "Promotape '94 anno satanae" rare tape, almost 20 years old! - RM30
VASSAFOR "MMX" first edition white tape - RMcontact/offer/trade
VORTILICH "Graveolence" rotten putrid death Metal - RMcontact/offer/trade
WITCHING HOUR "Past Midnight..." black thrash - RM20

Vinyl LP:
BOLT THROWER "Realm of Chaos" reissue, black vinyl - RM120
BLACK WITCHERY "Inferno of Sacred Destruction" very limited white vinyl version. LP-sized booklet - RM150
DELLAMORTE "Uglier and More Disgusting" some guys from several Swedish bands get together and recorded this devastating homage of death Metal aggression. Gatefold LP - RM70
EVOKE "Forever Breeding Evil" death Metal veterans of UK - RM70
FACEBREAKER "Dead, Rotten and Hungry" face-rippin' old school Swedish death by the veterans, coloured vinyl - RM80
GOD FORSAKEN "Dismal Gleams of Desolation" hidden Finnish doomdeath gem from 1992! - RM80
GRAVE DESECRATOR "Sign of Doom" killer primitive Brazillian death/black madness - RM120
HELLIAS "Revenge of Hellias" cult Polish thrash from 1987. With booklet, poster. - RM70
IMMORTAL "Pure Holocaust" grey haze vinyl repress limited to 100 copies - RMcontact/offer/trade
INFINITUM OBSCURE "Sub Etris Caelis" supreme death Metal. Lavish packaging with LP-sized thick booklet and artworks by T. Ketola - RM100
LETHAL "Annihilation Agenda" totally crushing thrash Metal feast, think SLAYER on drugs - RM80
NOCTURNUS "The Key" Earache first press, used condition. THE innovative death Metal album - RMcontact/offer/trade
PATHOGEN "Blasphemous Communion" ancient death Metal - RM80
SCURVY "Tombstone Tales/Second Ejaculation" Swedish death grind with member of mighty REPUGNANT - RM80
SCORPIONS "Savage Amusement" - RM50
SUICIDAL WINDS "Chaos Rising" darkened mix of thrashy black death the most old school ways, coloured vinyl - RM80
SLAYER XX Magazine+MORBID 12" sold out package, mag in hard-cover edition - RMcontact/offer/trade
SABBAT "Sabbatical Demon" legendary demo on vinyl limited to 100 copies with high quality big patch -RMcontact/offer/trade
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "The Murder of Jesus the Jew" DLP - RM100
TOTTEN KORPS "The King Of Hell Reclaims His Throne" South American death legends! Iron Bonehead release - RM80

Vinyl EP:
AXECUTER "Innocence Is Our Excuse" traditional heavy, speed and thrash Metal - RM35
CULTFINDER "Black Thrashing Terror" NIFELHEIM and dozens of Brazillian black thrash worship - RM35
FATHER BEFOULED "Rotting Godless Throne" diehard edition, col. vinyl with NWN! patch - RMcontact/offer/trade
HEARSE "Torch" featuring Mr. Liiva of FURBOWL, ARCH ENEMY - RM30
HELLKOMMANDER / FARSCAPE "I Piss On Your Grave" split - RM35
REPUGNANCIA "Inminencia del Fin" crushing old death Metal - RM35
SWARMING/ZOMBIE RITUAL split, diehard green black splatter version - RM60

RANDOM #5 some very last remaining copies - RM10
CHOOSING DEATH "The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore" - RM130
LORDS OF CHAOS "The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground"  - RM120
ONLY DEATH IS REAL Hellhammer and Celtic Frost history - RM180
METALION - THE SLAYER MAG DIARIES book. Hardcover, over 700++ pages of good read! - RM250

Shirts, Patches, Pins, etc:
ANTEDILUVIAN Official Metal Pins, limited 50 pieces (NARROW003) - RM40
ARCHGOAT Official Metal Pins, limited 50 pieces (NARROW004)- RM40
CRUCIAMENTUM Offical Embroidered Patch - RM30
ISTIDRAJ "15 Years..." front and back silver print, great design, size L - RM30
KATHARSIS Logo woven patch - RM30
PROFANCER "Rest Without Peace" specify your size - RM50
SIGH "Tribute to Venom" size M - RM50
UNCANNY logo shirt, released for the boxset by The Crypt, size M - RMcontact/offer/trade
VISITANT "The Sword Without Eyes" specify your size - RM50
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM "Two Hunters" size S - RM50

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