Friday, 13 August 2021


KILATUS The Return And Darkness It Shall Be (Evil Dead Production EDP089, 2021)

The album, and even the song-titles might give you the assumption of being slightly unimaginative and more than obvious adherence to the band’s influences and admiration, but please; just leave your prejudgment there and dive into it before making any conclusion. Sure, KILATUS offers nothing but the tested and tried European black Metal epiphanies, yet they know how to do it quite well I have to say. You know what’s being served on the plate, and you know how to consume it, thus there will be nothing you could complaint about. The songwriting is solid, always reminds you of a certain song or certain band here and there, but still, you will hear them until the very end. The third song (unsurprisingly bearing the album title) demonstrate this with confidence and without even an ounce of guilt. I highly regard the instrumentalization throughout the album, they are obviously well prepared. KILATUS is blazing through the soundscapes that shaped what the band is, tracks like “Kilatus Barzakh” for example seems like being taken out straight from “Panzer Division Marduk”, while “Thy Light After Several Thunder” clearly reminds you that KILATUS originates from this part of the world’s extreme Metal scene. I could go song by song and going on dropping names, but I leave it to your listening pleasure right there. As being stressed earlier, nothing at fault if you know what you listen, for these are no sloppy, half-arsed homages.


VRYKOLAKAS “Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind” (EGP005)

VRYKOLAKAS is nothing new in the Singapore extreme underground Metal scenery. The fact that they have existed since 1991 is well documented, and the transition from a black death Metal act to the present brutal death Metal guise will not go unnoticed. And it is also a fact that their black death moments are short-lived, discovering brutal death Metal is their chosen path. This, ”Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind”, is the second full-length effort, recorded way back in 2006. Due to several circumstances it was only released in 2013 on cassette tape by Atomik Nuclear Desolation Productions, Chile. What I have here however, is the 2020 re-release on tape and CD by East Gothic Productions (EGP), the wrinkled old goat of Malaysian underground bastion since 1993 which has resurrected into life again recently. As the first track commence, it is all apparent of its brutal death lunacy. And it is also all apparent where their brutal death qibla’ is. VRYKOLAKAS nods towards the US brutal death legacy, more on this side of NY’s rather than Florida’s (as expected). I will not drop names, you know the usual suspects. Yet, as the proceeding continues, you will notice that VRYKOLAKAS didn’t intend to limit this album to just that.  As they go about throughout the whole 8 compositions, VRYKOLAKAS knowingly injected various elements into their music, wherever the songs allow them to. There are some breaks and parts which will remind you of certain influences as well, a welcoming trait that avoid Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind” turning into an endless barrage of brutality within the same spectre. Listen to the opening of ”Upcoming Sandstorm Devastation”, and don’t tell me you couldn’t find even an ounce of reminiscing a certain UK death Metal legends. The brooding, punishing of a crawler “Doom Upon Mankind” ends it all up fittingly. ”Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind” really deserves this revamped, revisited re-release, I suspect the initial release didn’t do them quite the justice they deserved, hopefully this EGP effort will rectify that in some sort. This will stand as one of the better brutal death Metal album to come out from Singapore, the way it holds ground since getting recorded way back in 2006 backs it up. Still brutally relevant. Choose either the tape or the CD, or might as well get both. The way EGP represented them smells awfully 1993 too, the way they did it back then; with ethics and stylization that I still holds high until today.

Monday, 29 August 2016

NARROW019: PUTREFIED REMAINS "The Enthronement" out 26th August 2016

"The Enthronement" is the second album of PUTREFIED REMAINS, further cementing their status as the foremost in the genre when it comes to the Malaysian extreme Metal scene. You are not going to be disappointed if you're into the finest, peak moments of the Greek black Metal scene, since these guys done it with pure conviction and sincerity without being a blatant plagiarists; qualities that are bursting out from "The Enthronement" effortlessly.
This second affiliation with PUTREFIED REMAINS comes limited to 200 copies, on professionally duplicated tapes with elaborate A4-sized layout, on-shell printing (I do find it hard to react the right way seeing our logo being molested by the factory for the on-shell printing, but come as it may it serves its purpose though, JUST), finished off with the custom seal on the Norelco box opening.

RM15 (Tidak Termasuk Pos) / EUR10 or USD12 (shipping included worldwide).

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

IV V I IV "Endless Morbidity" NARROW666

It is sort of a 'one-off' projects, and a special one for us indeed, thus the catalogue number NARROW666. A collaboration between us and Illusion Of Dead Productions (large part of it, true), is the debut release of IV V I IV in the shape of a mini-album "Endless Morbidity".

THE black Metal release of the Malaysia extreme Metal scene in 2016? Go ahead, hear the sample at our bunker, this is something that have not been heard of in the local scene. IV V I IV reigns.

300 copies hand-numbered pro-CD release.

RM15 (tidak termasuk pos) / USD13 or EUR11 (shipping inclusive)


STORTREGN "Uncreation" NARROW018 - 01052016

Simultaneously on the 1st of May 2016 is the release on the cassette tape format of the debut album from Switzerland's STORTREGN. Yes, largely escapes the radar of most contemporary extreme Metal listeners, we who dig deep, deeper and deeper; into the cauldron of the most obscure and lesser heralded gems, decided to honour "Uncreation" with a limited NARROWARDS cassette tape plague.

"Uncreation" will not dissapoint if you're into well-played, well-crafted death/black Metal largely owning up to the legacy of DISSECTION. No straight carbon copy here, that large chunk is disseminated and reassembled to become STORTREGN's own.

100 copies as usual, on our preferred folded A4-sized layout, with fire-branded tape label that works well with the whole album concept, it's a NARROWARDS tape so that is to be expected.

RM15 (tidak termasuk pos) / USD12 or EUR10 (Shipping inclusive)


Monday, 9 May 2016


Our second collaboration with the masters DEMONICAL, in the form of the limited cassette tape edition of their raging mini-album "Black Flesh Redemption".

Released under license from AGONIA RECORDS with direct and totalitarian art direction by the band via Kontamination Design, the cassette tape edition comes in slipcase with inlay inside, on a pro-duplicated tape with a minimalist approach on the label to go in line with the release and NARROWARDS stylism. The normal Norelco box will be included if you purchase directly from us, in case any of you find the need for it.

If you didn't find DEMONICAL make sense at all with the ultimate in Swedish death metal darkness, then I suggest you don't listen to death Metal at all. Crucial.

RM15 (tidak termasuk pos) / USD12 or EUR10 (shipping inclusive)


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

NARROW016 : ESCARNIUM "Excruciating Existence"

"Excruciating Existence' is a fine example of an excellent death Metal album, agreed upon by so many respected underground journalism in the year 2012. ESCARNIUM is perfecting the art of combining unbriddled South American death Metal aggression with the skilled Scandinavian perfection. One massive album that shouldn't be missed. Three years later, this is still a monster in its own right.
The NARROWARDS appreciation comes in folded A4 cover layout with all the necessary inclusion, a manipulation by MFEH from the original artworks of the CD version. We try to force your utmost attention when listening to this, so there will be nothing more than a minimalist approach for the tape label of these professionally duplicated cassette tapes. As an bonus the band decided to include 2 (yes, TWO) exclusive live tracks for this edition, intentionally not mentioned in the cover layout, for this is an onslaught of total death Metal extermination that demands total immersion. Initial run of 100 copies edition.

RM15 tidak termasuk pos / USD11 / EUR10.