Sunday, 13 January 2013


13th January 2013 (130113) marks the official release of NARROWARDS first ever output (NARROW001), NEFTARAKA "MCMLXXXI". An important date for the label and the band nevertheless, MCMLXXXI was meant to be a special, distiguishable, out of the norm kind of release. First and foremost it is totally produced in the real underground spirit, where almost everything is conceived by hands and unyielding DIY mentality, confirming the close connection between the label and the band. NEFTARAKA has always been one of Malaysia's revered black Metal act, and it has always been the intention that the first release should be with them. MCMLXXXI is packaged in total black envelope with the release title branded in flame on the front. Inside you will find the printed cd-r, a high quality woven patch, a paper (indoor) sticker, a 4-page booklet with hand-numbering, and an info-card with the band's biography and for the first time ever, a published lyrics ("K V L T 1981"), which is one of the unreleased songs here and the essence of which the release title is endowed. The envelope is wax-sealed on the opening and packaged in plastic sleeve. 
The songs, which were discussed and deemed necessary for inclusion in this release by both the band and the label are:
1) K V LT 1981 (unreleased)
2) Macabre (unreleased, from the upcoming album)
3) F.O.A.D.A (from "Morts")
4) Ophoytha (from "Eternal Harsh")
5) The Knoll (from "Raw Ist Law")
6) Pagan Fears (MAYHEM cover)
7) Panzer Division Marduk (MARDUK cover)
MCMLXXXI is published in 100 hand-numbered copies, directly aimed for the NEFTARAKA loyalists and is available for RM20(Malaysia only) / USD10 / EUR8, postage and packaging inclusive. 

Saksikan Kematianmu. 130113.

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