Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NARROW005: CONDOR "Speedwagon" [SOLD OUT]

Released simultaneously with NEKROMANTHEON "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" is the cassette tape edition of "Speedwagon", the EP from another of the Kolbotn Thrashers Union force, the mighty CONDOR. Expect nothing but totally over the top old school thrash Metal assaults from these Norwegians. Initial 200 copies of factory-duplicated tape with 'washed-out' silver foil label comes packaged in CONDOR 'barf-bag' with heavy duty water-proof sticker enclosed, all hand-numbered, and everything is derived to fit the nature of this ripping mini-album. (last copies!)

Available for RM20 (Malaysia) / USD10 / EUR8 [SOLD OUT]

NARROW002: NEKROMANTHEON "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" tape edition [SOLD OUT]

We are very pleased to introduce our second release, the cassette tape edition of NEKROMANTHEON second album "Rise, Vulcan Spectre". Undoubtedly these are some of the finest current true thrash Metal in the spirits of old, done the Norwegian way. Kolbotn Thrashers Union (KTU) to the fore. The initial 200 copies edition of factory-duplicated tapes with silver foil label comes in elaborate both sided full color folded 8-panel sleeve with the KTU button badge, hand-numbered and packaged in zipper poly bag. (SOLD OUT)

Available for RM20 (Malaysia) / USD10 / EUR8 [SOLD OUT]

24.04.2013: NARROW002 and NARROW005 UNLEASHED

24th April 2013 is the release date for both NEKROMANTHEON "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" (NARROW002) and CONDOR "Speedwagon" (NARROW005). Yez, a double lethal doses of Norwegian thrash Metal from the Kolbotn Thrashers Union (KTU) front.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


We got lucky to stumble upon some unsold deadstock of two EAST GOTHIC PRODUCTIONS (EGP) releases, the pro-tape version of LANGSUIR seminal death Metal demo "Occultus Mysticism" and the pro-tape of Greece' obscure yet cult black Metal band TWILIGHT "Promo Tape '94". Both were released in 1993 and 1994 respectively in 500 copies each. We are talking about some 20 years old tape in its pristine and sealed condition here! Available for RM30 each plus postages for the locals, elsewhere it would be USD 15 or EUR 12 each, p&p included. Act fast, these won't last for long, and we only got several copies of each, we took all remaining copies that's left from the seller and the number is very, very limited. (LANGSUIR SOLD OUT, TWILIGHT last copies!)