Tuesday, 23 December 2014

NARROW003 and NARROW004: ANTEDILUVIAN and ARCHGOAT official metal pins [SOLD OUT]

Out now is another additions to the NARROWARDS catalogue, this time in the shape of official logo metal pins for ANTEDILUVIAN (NARROW003) and ARCHGOAT (NARROW004). Obviously no introductions needed for these proven elites, both metal pins are in 50 pieces limitations, inscribed with "50 primeval creation" (ANTEDILUVIAN) and "50 goat salvation" (ARCHGOAT), with the catalogue number; on the back of the pins. The pins come housed in wax-sealed custom black paper packaging as the pictures shown. Submit and worship.(BOTH PINS SOLD OUT)

Available for USD 17 / EUR 15 / RM 40
(prices are inclusive of p&p and paypal fees)

Monday, 22 December 2014

NARROW008: BODE PRETO "Dark Night" out 27th July 2013

On the 27th of July NARROW008 has been erected, the "Dark Night" EP of Brazilian's BODE PRETO. Clearly one of the better band from the country to proudly continues the glorious tradition of pure South American blackened death thrash Metal resonances. This is limited to 66 editions, making it currently the most exclusive release from us. The first 33 copies will include a printed CDr version of the EP, plus some indoor stickers will be thrown in randomly on some orders. As usual, this comes out sleekly well the NARROWARDS way. Traditional 4-panels sleeve, both side printed, tapes on silver labels on both sides. All the graphic works has been conceived by the band members themselves, thus making it  realized as close to the intention as possible. (last copies!)