Monday, 9 May 2016


Our second collaboration with the masters DEMONICAL, in the form of the limited cassette tape edition of their raging mini-album "Black Flesh Redemption".

Released under license from AGONIA RECORDS with direct and totalitarian art direction by the band via Kontamination Design, the cassette tape edition comes in slipcase with inlay inside, on a pro-duplicated tape with a minimalist approach on the label to go in line with the release and NARROWARDS stylism. The normal Norelco box will be included if you purchase directly from us, in case any of you find the need for it.

If you didn't find DEMONICAL make sense at all with the ultimate in Swedish death metal darkness, then I suggest you don't listen to death Metal at all. Crucial.

RM15 (tidak termasuk pos) / USD12 or EUR10 (shipping inclusive)


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