Monday, 6 July 2015

07072015: HERETICAL "Daemonarchrist - Daemon Est Devs Inversvs" (NARROW014)

HERETICAL "Daemonarchist - Daemon Est Devs Inversvs" has been officially released on the K7 cassette tape format on the 7th July 2015. This is the type of album that always ignites my senses. Those that I don't have any clue or expectation about, yet hit me unexpectedly like a full-bloodied blow to the face. "Daemonarchrist..." is a total invocation of seriously brilliant, fatal offerings of symphonic black Metal with that inclination of flawless execution. While more than often nowadays symphonic black Metal has been accused of being way too wimpy and impotent, this album clearly does not. The aggresiveness and intensity are always preserved, the symphonic elements are there to heighten up the atmospheres and moods. Talking about variations, anything from the likes of violins, synths and FX are being utilised, right to some unorthodox approach in the song writings and vocal lines. It is modern yet it is still ancient to the core. Finish it off with a blistering productions. Should have known better since HERETICAL has been in existence since more than twenty years. There never is a more perfect timing to hear them out than now, with a masterful album as the testimony.
Presented in the usual NARROWARDS way, with a spare no account folded near A4 sized full inlay that is tastefully done by Azmeroth of HERETICAL himself, a free reign in the artistic direction without restrictions and censorships. The tape label is once again going the NARROWARDS route with the intention of getting that archaic, cryptic look, which means each tape label is different with each other, what you will have in your hands is the only one that exist. We have also utilised a different, somewhat better (we think) paper and printing process this time around (as to be seen with this tape and the recent re-press of PUTREFIED REMAINS "Novus Ordo Seclorum"), resulting in a tight fit of the inlay within the Norelco box, as if it can't wait to burst out just like the album do.We are trying to give your money's worth with every release, that is a pledge. And I won't be surprised if some will turn it as a mini-poster too, it is certainly looks that good. Limited initial 100 copies run in this disguise, as usual.

RM15 plus postage / EUR 8 / USD 10