Saturday, 22 June 2013

NARROW007: PATRIA "Faithless" 23.06.13

The 23rd of June saw the release of NARROW007, PATRIA "Faithless" cassette tape edition. Previously "Faithless" was provided as a free download, but as the materials are still within the standards that PATRIA have set up themselves, we at NARROWARDS believe it should have its own physical, albeit a bit limited; format.
Aimed exclusively for the most obedient supporter of the band, the "Faithless" cassette tape edition is strictly limited to 111 handnumbered edition, and all will come with a well made woven patch with the cover motive. As is the way with NARROWARDS, we do things a bit elaborate, personal, and unusual than most, NARROW007 is presented in folded DIN A5 size with spine, resembling an A6 in its folded state, with the Norelco box glued inside and the tape label in skin-tone tan.
Just to make it more imminent, the 2008 Demo "Hills of Mist" is included as a bonus.
Necro black Metal with that early 90's atmospheres. Nobody will escape the mist. 

RM20 + postage / USD9 + postage / EUR7 + postage

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

06.06.13 - NARROW006: ANGIST "Circle Of Suffering"

A limited 100 copies tape edition of Iceland's ANGIST "Circle Of Suffering" is now unearthed. This time we go all out for the kill on predominantly silver finishing, and we are humbly opines that this is, so far, a glorious looking tape release. Full-on folded 8-panels sleeve with silver foil labelled both sides pro-duplicated tapes, the first 56 copies will come exquisitely packaged in silver foil with full color silver foil stickers enclosed. This edition includes the "Promo 2010" as a bonus. All in all it is an almost 40 minutes journey of somewhat daunting, dark, dense yet engaging death Metal with that early 90's precision from this female-fronted assemble.

RM15 plus postage / USD6 plus postage / EUR4 plus postage