Wednesday, 5 June 2013

06.06.13 - NARROW006: ANGIST "Circle Of Suffering"

A limited 100 copies tape edition of Iceland's ANGIST "Circle Of Suffering" is now unearthed. This time we go all out for the kill on predominantly silver finishing, and we are humbly opines that this is, so far, a glorious looking tape release. Full-on folded 8-panels sleeve with silver foil labelled both sides pro-duplicated tapes, the first 56 copies will come exquisitely packaged in silver foil with full color silver foil stickers enclosed. This edition includes the "Promo 2010" as a bonus. All in all it is an almost 40 minutes journey of somewhat daunting, dark, dense yet engaging death Metal with that early 90's precision from this female-fronted assemble.

RM15 plus postage / USD6 plus postage / EUR4 plus postage

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