Monday, 29 August 2016

NARROW019: PUTREFIED REMAINS "The Enthronement" out 26th August 2016

"The Enthronement" is the second album of PUTREFIED REMAINS, further cementing their status as the foremost in the genre when it comes to the Malaysian extreme Metal scene. You are not going to be disappointed if you're into the finest, peak moments of the Greek black Metal scene, since these guys done it with pure conviction and sincerity without being a blatant plagiarists; qualities that are bursting out from "The Enthronement" effortlessly.
This second affiliation with PUTREFIED REMAINS comes limited to 200 copies, on professionally duplicated tapes with elaborate A4-sized layout, on-shell printing (I do find it hard to react the right way seeing our logo being molested by the factory for the on-shell printing, but come as it may it serves its purpose though, JUST), finished off with the custom seal on the Norelco box opening.

RM15 (Tidak Termasuk Pos) / EUR10 or USD12 (shipping included worldwide).

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