Tuesday, 15 December 2015

NARROW016 : ESCARNIUM "Excruciating Existence"

"Excruciating Existence' is a fine example of an excellent death Metal album, agreed upon by so many respected underground journalism in the year 2012. ESCARNIUM is perfecting the art of combining unbriddled South American death Metal aggression with the skilled Scandinavian perfection. One massive album that shouldn't be missed. Three years later, this is still a monster in its own right.
The NARROWARDS appreciation comes in folded A4 cover layout with all the necessary inclusion, a manipulation by MFEH from the original artworks of the CD version. We try to force your utmost attention when listening to this, so there will be nothing more than a minimalist approach for the tape label of these professionally duplicated cassette tapes. As an bonus the band decided to include 2 (yes, TWO) exclusive live tracks for this edition, intentionally not mentioned in the cover layout, for this is an onslaught of total death Metal extermination that demands total immersion. Initial run of 100 copies edition.

RM15 tidak termasuk pos / USD11 / EUR10.


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