Tuesday, 15 December 2015

NARROW015 : GOATLUSTING CHAOS "Sadogoat Illumination" [SOLD OUT]

We have a strict control here at NARROWARDS (at least we think so) of what we released, especially for the Malaysian related ones. Since that it is more than appropriate for our releases, no matter how limited they are, to get scattered in every possible regions this world has, it is appropriate to say that they should have their own distinguished merits and are able to get noticed for all the right reasons. Thus the release of GOATLUSTING CHAOS "Sadogoat Illumination". This is a never before released recent recording of them until now, and expect nothing but relentless, crushing and precise black death Metal of the highest order. Expect something like a mix of IMPIETY fury but being more primitive and traditional, loaded with an abundance of potent sex drugs and goat-inclusive orgies for that delirious assault. An 18 plus minutes blasphemy that crushes most Malaysian releases for the year 2015.
The usual NARROWARDS standard of folded A4 cover with back layout that can be doubled as an A4 poster, professionally duplicated tapes with self-stylised red tape label, and all the designs by the band members themselves getting it the way they wanted it to be. Initial run of limited 100 copies.

RM15 tidak termasuk pos / USD11 / EUR10. [SOLD OUT]


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