Tuesday, 10 May 2016

STORTREGN "Uncreation" NARROW018 - 01052016

Simultaneously on the 1st of May 2016 is the release on the cassette tape format of the debut album from Switzerland's STORTREGN. Yes, largely escapes the radar of most contemporary extreme Metal listeners, we who dig deep, deeper and deeper; into the cauldron of the most obscure and lesser heralded gems, decided to honour "Uncreation" with a limited NARROWARDS cassette tape plague.

"Uncreation" will not dissapoint if you're into well-played, well-crafted death/black Metal largely owning up to the legacy of DISSECTION. No straight carbon copy here, that large chunk is disseminated and reassembled to become STORTREGN's own.

100 copies as usual, on our preferred folded A4-sized layout, with fire-branded tape label that works well with the whole album concept, it's a NARROWARDS tape so that is to be expected.

RM15 (tidak termasuk pos) / USD12 or EUR10 (Shipping inclusive)


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