Tuesday, 23 December 2014

NARROW003 and NARROW004: ANTEDILUVIAN and ARCHGOAT official metal pins [SOLD OUT]

Out now is another additions to the NARROWARDS catalogue, this time in the shape of official logo metal pins for ANTEDILUVIAN (NARROW003) and ARCHGOAT (NARROW004). Obviously no introductions needed for these proven elites, both metal pins are in 50 pieces limitations, inscribed with "50 primeval creation" (ANTEDILUVIAN) and "50 goat salvation" (ARCHGOAT), with the catalogue number; on the back of the pins. The pins come housed in wax-sealed custom black paper packaging as the pictures shown. Submit and worship.(BOTH PINS SOLD OUT)

Available for USD 17 / EUR 15 / RM 40
(prices are inclusive of p&p and paypal fees)

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