Friday, 11 April 2014

NARROW009, NARROW010: VERMINOUS "Impious Sacrilege" & "The Unholy Communion" out 12.04.2014

After quite a hiatus due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are back again with this long overdue double release of Sweden's most promising true, unhinged death Metal brethren VERMINOUS. Both albums "Impious Sacrilege" and "The Unholy Communion" in their deserving and distinct NARROWARDS incarnations. "Impious Sacrilege" in full color double sided 4-panel layout with ancient gold accented pro-duplicated tapes. "The Unholy Communion" in full color double sided folded 4-panel layout with exquisite silver accented pro-duplicated tapes. Each one in limited to 100 copies release, with an option of a package with an official woven patch, limited to 100. Fully sanctioned and (un)blessed by the label and band respectively. Death Metal at its finest, pure form.

RM15/USD10/EUR8 (single tape) / RM25/USD15/EUR13 (single tape with patch) / RM40/USD20/EUR18 (both tapes with patch)
* price in RM is NOT inclusive of postage costs

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